Bitcoin Capital AG is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) based in Zug, Switzerland. The purpose of the company is to issue ETPs listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and expecting on other European exchanges.

What is an ETP?2020-08-09T07:55:38+02:00

Exchanged Traded Products are collateralised, non-interest paying debt securities designed to replicate the performance of the underlying assets. ETPs trade on exchanges similar to stocks meaning their prices can fluctuate intraday. ETPs are structured and operate very similarly to traditional Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). However, contrary to ETFs, ETPs are debt securities issued by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

What is an actively managed ETP?2020-08-09T07:55:46+02:00

Most, if not all, crypto ETPs available on markets are passive products that track an index or a single underlying. An Actively managed ETP is an innovative product. The asset manager continuously risk manages it and discretionarily trades the underlying, implementing its investment strategy in an effort to generate alpha over the benchmark.

How can I buy Bitcoin Capital ETPs?2020-08-09T07:55:54+02:00

You can trade Bitcoin Capital ETPs as simply as trading a stock through your own bank account or any brokerage firm with access to SIX Swiss Exchange using an ISIN, Valor or ticker.

What is the connection between Bitcoin Capital AG and FICAS AG?2020-08-09T07:56:07+02:00

Bitcoin Capital is the Issuer of the ETPs and responsible for the obligations of the issue and for reporting financial conditions, material developments and operational activities. FiCAS AG, a specialized crypto investment management boutique is managing the portfolio of the ETPs to pursue outperformance over the market.

Can I purchase ETPs directly through Bitcoin Capital AG?2020-07-22T09:58:14+02:00

No. We are happy to assist, but you have to purchase the product through your bank or brokerage firm.

What makes Bitcoin Capital AG special?2020-08-19T09:39:04+02:00

Bitcoin Capital AG has launched the world’s first actively managed ETP with cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset class on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Alpha generation: We employ multiple analytical approaches (technical, fundamental and quantitative) to drive discretionary investment decisions aimed to outperform the bitcoin holding strategy.

Portfolio of top 15 cryptocurrencies: We trade bitcoin against carefully selected altcoins limited to the top 15 cryptocurrencies for liquidity and risk management purposes.

Risk management & value preservation: Our actively managed approach can help to reduce the drawdown by exiting into fiat during downward crypto market moves.

Flexible investment decision making: We are in a position to promptly react to various market conditions – taking the best in times of high volatility or sideways trends.

Flexibility over the basket composition: We adjust the weight of the predefined underlying assets according to our investment strategy.

Consistent market monitoring:  Our research and trading team covers the market 24/7, to be able to react quickly to any changes.

Recognizing and analyzing megatrends: Our analysis allows us to harvest the best possible profits after all-time-highs of the market.

Ability to execute large orders: We can fulfil large orders limiting our influence on the market price by connecting to liquidity pools and regulated exchanges.

Secure storage solutions: We work with reliable licensed custodians in Switzerland and abroad.

Strong infrastructure: Our systems are based on cooperation with the industry-leading partners and our corporate governance framework is based on Swiss legal regulation.

Can I invest with cryptocurrencies?2020-08-09T08:17:06+02:00

No. The product cannot be bought with cryptocurrencies. The settlement currency of each product is determined in the final term sheet.

What is the minimum Investment?2020-08-09T08:17:14+02:00

The minimum investment is 1 unit. The Issue Price of 1 Unit is 100 CHF.

What is the minimum holding period?2020-08-09T08:17:22+02:00

As the product is tradable on the secondary market, there is no minimum holding period. Based on our historical trading experience, we recommend holding the product for the longer term.

Who is managing the portfolio of Bitcoin Capital ETP?2020-08-09T07:56:36+02:00

The investments manager is FiCAS AG, a specialized crypto investments management boutique, based in Zug, Switzerland, with eminent experience in the sector.

What is the fee structure of Bitcoin Capital products?2020-08-09T07:56:45+02:00

Bitcoin Capital AG is charging a management fee per annum and performance fee of 20% above high watermark.

How is the market price of an ETP determined?2020-08-09T07:56:53+02:00

The market price of Bitcoin Capital ETPs is close to the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the product. The NAV per unit is equal to the difference between the sum of the underlyings assets values and issuer´s fees, divided by the amount of ETPs outstanding. The market price is determined by the supply and demand in the secondary markets. Any divergence between the market price and the NAV would be monitored by market participants, applying arbitrage activities, moving the market price back towards NAV.

Can I buy a large quantity of ETPs without influencing the price in the market?2020-08-09T07:57:11+02:00

Yes. The investor can buy any quantity during the exchange trading hours. New ETPs, if needed, will be issued at market price or close to it. An ETP is a fully collateralised debt instrument that can be incrementally issued without limitation.

My bank or broker is unable to accept my order of BTCA, what can I do?2020-08-09T07:57:19+02:00

Please contact us immediately. We will take care of the rest and get back to you as soon as possible.

How does Bitcoin Capital ensure the safety of the underlying assets?2020-08-09T07:57:26+02:00

The digital assets are held in custody with industry-leading custodians. Bitcoin Capital is working together with at least 5 custodians to split the counter-party risk and ensure the safety of the underlying assets. Safety measures include cryptographic security, offline protection, multiple private keys, multi-signatures and whitelisting of wallets. The list of the custodians can be found in the final term sheet.

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